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by Alexey Komarov, founder of IT Business Broker
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On average, we sell IT businesses for 30–40% more expensive than if you did it yourself or with the help of non-specialized brokers and online auctions, excluding unreasonable bargaining, and attracting qualified buyers interested in long-term benefits from the acquired business. In addition, a significant part of our customers live abroad, where the market assessment of Internet businesses is higher due to the use of large multipliers.
Why should we trust?
Most of them are Russian-speaking professionals in the IT industry, seeking to diversify incomes and who understand well why to buy online business and how to manage it later. All businesses with income in foreign currencies are published on our English portal We will not offer a business buyer the choice between your online service and a car wash around the corner.
1000+ buyers from 20+ countries
The founders of IT Business Broker are consultants of the largest venture capital fund in Russia - FRIA. Over the years working with IT startups, we have learned to understand business models and indicators relevant to online. We know how an online store differs from the marketplace and which metrics are important for a mobile application. This is what media and customers write about us.
Working with us, you are guaranteed not to spend time and money on scammers and those who are "just interested." Due to the multistage structure of the transaction and the contracts of sale, drawn up based on our practical experience, we eliminate the majority of the risks arising from the sale of Internet businesses.
Your idea will not be stolen. We do not publish the URL of the sites for sale in open access and provide links to businesses from the catalog only if there is an NDA signed by the buyer (confidentiality obligations). Your competitors will not know that the business is sold before you want it.
We accompany business sellers at all stages of the transaction - we preliminarily evaluate, prepare documents, conduct negotiations, conduct mutual settlements and organize the transfer of assets. As a rule, everything is done remotely, the contracts are signed by email, and the money for the business comes to your checking account.
Remotely and turnkey
What is the process for a business seller?
Seller profile
Fill out an application form and get a free, approximate, most likely market value of your business based on our experience and customer expectations.
Verify your business
In order for us to conclude a contract and take your business for sale, it must meet our requirements.
Conclusion of a sales contract
According to its terms, for 3 months you entrust us to conduct all the business of selling your business, including negotiations with customers who have contacted you directly and undertake not to sell the business without us.
Publication in the catalog
And promoting your business through 12 channels, including email newsletters, closed investment communities of FRIA and SKOLKOVO, targeted advertising, partner channels in Western markets, direct contacts with specialized investors and others. If necessary, we place in articles about your business, for example, like this one.
Preliminary agreement with the buyer
According to its terms, the buyer makes a security payment (deposit in the amount of 10-15% of the business value) and starts checking the business for financial and management indicators declared by the seller. During this check, the deposit is kept in the IT Business Broker, and if the turnover and profit is confirmed, it is credited as the first payment for the transaction.
Closing a deal and transferring assets
To do this, the main contract of sale is concluded, after which the parties make mutual settlements.
After Sales Consultation
As a rule, new owners ask sellers to stay in touch for a certain time after the transaction for prompt consultation on the program code and other issues.
with any goods / services
Online stores

What IT businesses do we sell?

software as a service
ios, Android, Windows phone
Mobile applications
"Uber for ...", models connecting consumers and suppliers
Marketplaces / aggregators
news sites, blogs, social networks, thematic portals
Content sites / portals
if you have something to sell
Web studios / advertising agencies
with servers and clients
Internet providers / hosters
social networks, services for dating, online games
Games / Entertainment
Who do we take for sale?
In order for us to take your business for sale, it must meet our requirements.
The main domain is at least 12 months old
At least for the last 6 months, the site should have Yandex Metrics or Google Analytics web analytics system installed.
we will ask you to provide access to it for analysis
Your business should bring a net profit of at least 15,000 rubles per month
sometimes we make exceptions and take for sale projects without monetization - in case the technical solution developed by you or the existing traffic is in demand from buyers
You must have management reports on all business income and expenses for at least the last 6 months.

Sellers reviews

We've purchased a SAAS business through IT Business Broker. The company proved to be trustworthy, competent and with good understanding of the IT business. In short, recommended! See you in our next deal.
Evgeny Viner
Do you have a familiar internet business owner and you know what is he going to sell it?
Introduce us and we will pay you up to 4512 dollar for this contact.
FAQ for business sellers
Who are we?
IT Business Broker is a specialized agency for the purchase and sale of profitable online stores, online services and mobile applications in the Russian segment of the Internet. The founders of the agency are experienced entrepreneurs and consultants of the IIDF Foundation, who have extensive experience working with IT companies.
Who pays for our services and how much do they cost?
Our services are paid by the sellers of the business upon the closing of transactions and the completion of settlements. The size of the commission depends on the value of the business:
- up to 15 040 dollars - 15%
- up to 45 125 dollars - 10%
- up to 150 415 dollars - 7%
- up to 300 830 dollars - 5%
- from 300 830 dollars - 3%
How do we work with sellers?
1. To start the process it is necessary to conclude an agreement with us for the sale of a business. According to its terms, you for a period of 3 months entrust us to conduct all business for the sale of your business, including negotiations with customers who have contacted you directly and undertake not to sell the business without us. In our turn, knowing that we will not waste time and resources in vain, we are looking for buyers through all possible channels, including individual mailings and direct contacts with profile investors, we place articles about your business, use contextual advertising and other marketing resources.

2. After the buyer is found, we will offer the parties to conclude a tripartite preliminary contract for the sale of the business. After signing this document, the Buyer makes a security payment (deposit in the amount of 10-15% of the business value), thus confirming his intention to buy the business and begin to verify it.

3. After making a deposit, a business inspection begins, during which the buyer studies the financial and management performance of the business, and the seller undertakes not to sell the asset to anyone else until the end of the inspection. Thus, both parties are protected from the loss of money and time. At the time of the check, the security deposit is kept with us (in the IT Business Broker) and if, as a result of the check, the buyer reveals inconsistencies in numbers or other problems in the business, the deposit is returned to him.

4. After successful verification of the business and completion of negotiations, the parties sign the main contract for the sale of the business, make mutual settlements and transfer assets.
Where do we get customers?
Having concluded an agreement with the seller, we publish an advertisement for the sale of a business in a catalog on our website and promote it among investors. In particular, we use: mailing on our own base (more than 1000 specialized investors in total in different channels), closed investment communities of FRIA and SKOLKOVO, partner channels in Western markets (Russian-speaking investors, mainly from the USA and France). In coordination with the seller, we additionally carry out individual work with specialized buyers - (we offer business to the cold market participants, hold meetings and presentations), and also at our own expense we make publications in specialized media.
How do you determine the value of a business?
When evaluating Internet businesses, multipliers are used - special coefficients reflecting the relationship between the price of a company and its revenues. Cost of business = (Net profit per month x Multiplier) + Discounted value of assets (if any) + Cost of inventory (if any). Net profit is defined as the average for the last 3-6 months, and if a business has a pronounced seasonality, then the average is taken over 12 months.

At the same time, it is important that the profits really be clean: free from any costs, including all types of advertising, freelancers, online services, hosting and premium sellers.

The value of the multiplier varies from 8 to 30 and more and depends on many factors. The formula takes into account the state of business of an enterprise: the more promising, competitive and autonomous it is, the greater the multiplier.

Minimum multipliers for online stores with a larger share of operating work, and maximum multipliers for online margin services with sales in several countries.

Important! We do not insist on evaluating your business, but only recommend it based on our experience. If it seems to you that we have not considered something, let's discuss it.
How is the seller's safety ensured?
In our work, we pay great attention to the safety of the seller and to checking the seriousness of the intentions of the investor. For example, we disclose the site URL (we give a link to it) only after a potential buyer signs a confidentiality obligation, under which he undertakes not to disclose information about the fact of the sale of a business.
What happens if the business is not sold?
The contract for the sale of a business is 3 months. If during this time the buyer is not found, you can, at your discretion, extend the contract so that we can continue to sell your business, or refuse to extend it and start selling the business yourself. In this case, you will not owe us anything.

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