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Description of the business

We are a business that sells scratch-off maps on the Amazon platform. We are using Amazon FBA system to fulfill our products to customers. We are only focusing on marketing and growing the business because Amazon is doing all the hard work. So basically, you can manage this business all around the world with your laptop. Our scratch maps are premium quality maps that are made in Europe, while 90% of the market is selling cheaply made maps from China. We have 97% positive feedback on our account. Selling mostly in the US, meanwhile launching the Canada market. New owners can expand this business to other Amazon marketplaces, online websites, and retail b2b buyers. That's a seasoned business, so 60% of yearly revenue falling under the Q4 season(November- December).
The sales from 2017 to 2018 almost doubled from 327,000 to 640,000 thousands of dollars, and we are planning to do 1,1M in 2019. We are running the business from Ukraine and have only one employee.
Owner involvement
7-10 hours a week
Reason for sale
Focusing on other projects



Site technical specifications
Sale of share


The year of foundation

Growth Opportunities

1) Expand the product line for travelers
2) Launch new Amazon markets
3) Start selling on websites
4) Retail stores
Revenue, $
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General information
What assets will be transferred with the business?
Amazon account with all data and customer base, trademark rights, website, group in fb, instagram account
How does the business work and for what customers pay?
The business is running through Amazon FBA program. The customers paying us for
scratch maps.
Term of existence, brief history, main stages of business development
The business is existing almost 3 years.
In which cities / regions do most sales occur? Where to
mainly delivered goods? Where are you doing business from and can
Does the new owner conduct business from another region?
I'm running business from Ukraine. You can run the business from anywhere in the world
with access to WI-Fi. The majority of sales comes from Amazon US, we are actively
working on Amazon CA to get the sales to 10k per month, launching Amazon Europe and
Australia soon.
What goods and brands does an online store sell?
List the main suppliers and indicate if there is with anyone
of which are exclusive arrangements. Is the internet integrated
store with warehouse software suppliers?
Scratch maps. MyMap, MyNewLands(our Private Label).
How many products are in the catalog of the online store? How
are new products being added?
7 products. You can expand your product line with the products for travelers.
Does the online store have the goods in the property? If there is, then
how much is the balance of the goods, and on what conditions
can be transferred to the new owner?
Can answer for this question after Q4
Does the online store have its own warehouse? Where does the physical shipment of goods come from?
We are using 3d party prep centre.
How is the delivery of goods (indicate all possible ways). Who pays for delivery and how?
You can ship Air and Sea freight. We are using 3d party logistics company called Partner
How can I pay for the goods? What kind of payment systems integrated on the site?
We are using Amazon to receive payments from the customer
Which accounts receive sales revenue? How many
accounts? (r / s LLC (IP), payment systems, cards of individuals)
One Payoneer account
What IT technologies and programming languages are used in
online store? What CMS does the site work on? How can the source code of the site be transmitted?
No IT technologies
Who directly developed the design and program code online store? Will these specialists be available for the new the owner?
We have 3d party design studio. We can share all the details.
What catalogs and aggregators of goods and reviews about them does the online store use? (e.g. Yandex Market)
Are there full-time employees in the business? How many of them and what exactly are they doing? Will these employees continue to work in the business after its sale?
There is no workers, but we can help to train one for the new business owner.
What operations are outsourced? How many freelance specialists involved and are they ready to continue work with the new owner?
No outsourcing employees
List the main competitors of the online store. What are your advantages over them? Evaluate key business metrics in comparison with competitors.
Maps International, Earthhabitats. The market is selling cheap scratch maps from China, we are selling high-quality scratch maps made in Ukraine. That's why we are the most
expensive map in the market.
How to develop a business after a purchase? What to do in first of all, and what to look for?
Start Selling through Instagram and Facebook. Use In uencers to promote products and
boost sales. Launch new products in travel niche.
Tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of the business. What should be done first and what to look for?
It's seasonal business (I personally don't consider as weaknesses) The rst thing to do is to launch another sales channels.
Does the business have risks in the form of upcoming changes in
legislation, increased competition, increased costs?
Does the business have registered trademarks, licenses or patents?
Does seasonality affect business income? How?
Yes, our product is de nitely for Q4 as it's a great gift for anyone who loves to travel.
Vendor Information
The reason for the sale?
Not enough cash and time to run it. I'm focused on developing Amazon Advertising
software for Amazon Sellers.
Do you have another business in this same niche? Are you ready to sign a standard obligation not to engage in similar activities within 2 years after the sale?
No. Yes I can sign such contract.
Have you ever faced with claims or lawsuits from regulatory authorities or third parties regarding the business or content of the site? Have you encountered accusations of copyright infringement or other legislation? If so, what exactly were the claims and how was the situation resolved?
How many hours a week does business management require and what exactly does this job consist of? Describe your usual working day as the owner of this business.
Less than 2 hours
Are you ready to advise the buyer and train his staff for the first time after the sale? In what mode and under what conditions? How else can you help?
Yes. I can help a lot on Advertising.
What skills will a new owner need to effectively manage the business?
Knowing of using Internet
How much money and own time you invested in creating online store?
Hard question. I started with 10 thousand and was reinvesting almost 3 years.
Traffic and marketing
What marketing channels did you use to develop your business? What was the most effective advertising?
Facebook video, almost 2 million views
How many average orders from an online store per day and per month?
40 daily - no season 250 daily - Q4
How many customers have an online store in history?
29,671 for the last 2 years
Do you use email newsletters to work with clients? How many customers receive the newsletter?
Yes, Amazon follow-up service
List all sources of income available to the business and indicate the share of each of them in the total amount
Amazon 100%
Accounts payable
Receivables. Including overdue accounts receivable.
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