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Description of the business

For sale is a popular website constructor with a 7-year history, placed on the premium domain. More than 2 million sites were created on its base, many of which occupy the first positions in the search results.
The business is monetized by regular payments from customers who use the constructor on a subscription basis. In 2017, the technology was updated, making it possible to create mobile sites.Users have several differentiated tariffs, which differ in the amount of disk space and functionality.
Most users renew the subscription for a new term.
«usiness is automated - project management takes no more than 2 hours a day.Business is not tied to a specific location - you can manage the Internet service from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

Owner involvement
10-15 hours a week
Reason of sale
The need to invest funds for family reasons

2 000


Site technical specifications
Sale of share

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The year of foundation
General information
What is being sold and who is the seller?
The domain, issued for an entity and business assets, is being sold, requiring a new owner to be reissued. The seller is an entity, it is also a domain name administrator
What assets will be transferred with the business?
- The software part of the external component of the site - personal cabinet, billing, site management, etc.
- The program part of the internal component - the editor of sites.
- Administrative panel
- Access to hosting providers.
- Domain names
- Access to support services: Zendesk, Jivosite.
- Contact details of contractors and remote employees
- Access to managing corporate e-mail (Gmail)
- Accounts in social networks
- Access to Yandex.Direct account
- Instruction on further technical support and support of the project.
How does the business work and for what customers pay?
Customers pay for paid tariff plans that provide additional functionality for using the service.
Term of existence, brief history, main stages of business development
The project was launched in 2011 on the basis of flash-designer sites. The growth of the project was carried out organically due to the natural influx of new customers and promotion in search engines. In 2015, the technology of the site editor was changed to HTML 5. In 2017, the technology was updated, it became possible to create mobile sites.
What IT technologies and programming languages are used in business? Which CMS does the site work on?
The main site is written in PHP (Laravel 5.2) as the template used by twig. Caching memcached.
As a css framework in many places, we use bootstrap 3.
The js scripts are collected using gulp.
The site editor is written in angular + typescript. Assembly is carried out with the help of gulp. OS on the ubuntu server.
The code lies in the git repositories on bitbucket.org
To quickly connect new developers, all server code is documented. There is a separate wiki for developers.
How much money and time did you invest in creating a business?
More than 440 000 USD
Are there full-time employees in the business? How many of them and what exactly do they do?
What operations are outsourced and what are the costs for this? How many freelance professionals are involved and are they ready to continue working with the new owner?
There are four permanent extra-distant remote employees. About five are involved additionally for tasks. The whole team is ready to work with the new owner.
Are there any geographical limitations inherent in business? From which countries / cities can you do business? From what city do you conduct business?
Given the SaaS-orientation of the project, there are no geographical restrictions.
How to develop a business after purchase? What should I do first and what should I look for?
It is worth paying attention to the shipment of new functionality to create sites and increase the cost of project promotion.
Describe the strengths and weaknesses of business
Strengths: the project's fame on the market, excellent naming, a large loyal customer base
Does the business have risks in the form of forthcoming changes in legislation, increased competition, increased costs?
As far as we know, there are no such risks.
Does seasonality affect business revenue? How?
The general activity in the Internet influences, which grows from September to the end of March and falls from the beginning of April to the end of August.
Who are your competitors? What are your advantages over them? Evaluate the main business indicators in comparison with competitors.
Main competitors:
Each project has its own technological basis, with its shortcomings and advantages. Each project, as a rule, has a specialization, sharpened to a specific niche. Our project allows you to quickly create a website for small business representatives of completely different specializations. International competitors can not provide a full range of services and services that are necessary for Russian companies, especially government agencies.
Does the business have registered trademarks, licenses or patents?
What kind of feedback do business customers usually leave? Give an example or provide a link to a review.
Vendor Information
The reason for the sale?
The need to invest funds for family reasons. More details will be announced during the conversation.
Do you have another business in this same niche? Are you ready to sign a standard obligation not to engage in similar activities within 2 years after the sale?
There is no similar business. The consent to sign is ready.
Have you ever faced with claims or lawsuits from regulatory authorities or third parties regarding the business or content of the site? Have you encountered accusations of copyright infringement or other legislation? If so, what exactly were the claims and how was the situation resolved?
Such appeals are periodically received when sites created on the project hosts one or another illegal information. In case of receipt for our part, we react and block such sites.
How many hours a week does business management require and what exactly does this job consist of? Describe your usual working day as the owner of this business.
Business management does not require much time. It is enough from 10 to 15 hours per week, depending on the goals and tasks. The working day is spent on monitoring the work of the customer service, the introduction of new services and the current operational control of the main business metrics.
Are you ready to advise the buyer and train his staff for the first time after the sale? In what mode and under what conditions? How else can you help?
Ready to provide advice during the first months after the sale.
What skills will a new owner need to effectively manage the business?
As a plus, the skill of management or participation in the creation of other Internet projects. Acquaintance with the IT industry, in general. Possession of any special skills or knowledge is not required.
Traffic and marketing
What marketing channels did you use to develop your business? What was the most effective advertising?
We used SEO-promotion, contextual advertising and work with webmasters. The most effective promotion in search engines and partnership with sites.
Do you keep track of the cost of attracting customers and conversion for various advertising channels? Indicate the main indicators.
Accounting is maintained, information is provided on request.
List all sources of income available to the business and indicate the share of each of them in the total amount
Tariff plans - 80%.
Purchase of additional services: 20%.
What documents can you confirm income?
With the help of management and accounting reporting. All payments are received on the account formally.
List the main items of business expenses, including payment for staff and freelancers, purchase of goods, software development and support, marketing, server rental, office rent, etc., and indicate the average monthly expenses for each of them.
5 367 USD per month.
Accounts payable
Receivables. Including overdue accounts receivable.
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