Profitable web-studio with a 6-year history. Famous brand

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Description of the business

For sale is a web studio with a well-known brand, existing since 2012. The studio offers services for creating sites, billing systems, as well as search engine promotion, copywriting, technical support.
Customers are given the opportunity to pay for services in installments. The web studio receives the entire amount immediately, after which the customers pay the loan to the bank for several months.
In addition, the web studio launched a profitable partner program, which provides promotion of web studio services throughout the Russian Federation.
Together with the studio, the rights to a registered trademark are transferred, which opens up opportunities for creating a franchise network.
Business is automated - all processes are performed by staff members or outsourced, which allows the owner to spend no more than 1-2 hours a day managing the project. All employees are ready to continue working with the new owner. You can manage the studio from anywhere in the world.
Owner involvement
8 hours a week
Reason of sale
Development of another projects (not IT)




Site technical specifications
At least 70% in rubles, 30% (in case of interest of the buyer) - in $
Sale of share


The year of foundation
General information
What is being sold and who is the seller?
The domain, issued for a private person and business assets, is being sold, requiring a new owner to be reissued. The seller is an individual, it is also a domain name administrator
What assets will be transferred with the business?
- The main domain name and the English version of the site for international orders
- User account (with all users)
- Group in social network Vkontakte
- A lot of created advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct, Google.Adwords, VKontakte, developed "creatives"
-banners to launch advertising
- Form style
- IP-telephony accounts (all "untwisted" numbers are transferred to you)
- The paid online accounting service evrika.kontur.ru until the end of 2018, from which managers issue invoices, acts, and the accountant reports on the EDS, which is also paid
- All technical and intellectual rights, including a registered trademark, which will allow to organize a franchise.Now, in addition to the web studio itself, there is still a valid agreement with the "dealers" who sell services on our behalf, from time to time clients come from them - these established contacts are also transmitted.
- Base of all existing customers
- Contracts with employees and contacts of all previous and current employees, as well as an account in hh.ru, where "templates" of all vacancies are created.
Term of existence, brief history, main stages of business development
I founded the company in 2012, having registered the IP. In the beginning, there was only one. After 1 year, larger Customers began to appear, the form of ownership was replaced by LLC in 2013 (IP closed).I introduced a non-standard way of receiving payments from customers - this is "installments." Only installments are not from the company, but from banks (comparable to buying a TV in a digital store). The company receives money directly from the bank for the project, and the client gradually pays for the loan given to him within a few months. Installment is achieved by providing discounts on the site. We cooperate with "Home Credit" and "Renaissance-Credit" banks, received all powers of attorney from banks, the manager can successfully issue installments.In 2015, the technology of "batch sale" of sites (a site together with advancement and payment at once) was introduced, due to what the turnover and profit of the company increased and we did not stretch the payment for several stages. Customers get a website much cheaper if they order it with promotion for 3 months. We were allowed to do big checks at once.In 2017, they applied to Rospatent for registration of a trademark in order to make a franchise in the future and fight unfair competition. Since we could not legally do the franchise, I came up with a "dealer program" by which the legal entity can sell our services under our brand. It seems like an "affiliate program", but more profitable.The dealership program is already oriented towards established entrepreneurs, because in the beginning of cooperation they make a deposit (at the moment 130 000 rubles), which is subsequently deducted as payment for the attracted customers. After the deposit is spent, the payment is divided 50/50. The contract is for 1 year. Promotion of our services is provided by the dealer at his own expense, we receive a ready-made, processed customer with a formal contract. There is also an ordinary partner program.In December 2017, a positive decision was taken on the trademark, now we are waiting for the original certificate to be sent to the legal address.
What IT technologies and programming languages are used in business? Which CMS does the site work on?
The level of specialists is sufficient to develop CRM, payment service, reservation service, now own CMS plans (which is already done on one client) and transfer of all own ready solutions to this CMS.
What reason of sale?
development of other projects not related to IT
Do you have another business in the same niche? Are you ready to sign a standard obligation not to engage in similar activities within 2 years after the sale?
Yes, I'm ready to sign
Have you ever faced with claims or lawsuits from regulatory authorities or third parties regarding the business or content of the site? Have you encountered accusations of copyright infringement or other legislation? If so, what exactly were the claims and how was the situation resolved?
For all time of work only 2 claims. First - 2014 - The customer (travel agency) ordered the site, then after a few months of work said that she did not need a website, she sued. The cost of the claim was 45,000 rubles. We were awarded 700 rubles. For not in time sent the Act by mail of Russia. In 2017, in December - a similar situation. Now the matter is in the process, but before the transaction we will complete it. There is nothing critical, there are only customers who are not completely aware that the "site" can not be returned if it is no longer needed.
How much money and time did you invest in creating the business?
Business is self-sustaining. I started with little or no investment. The site was handed over to clients, I received money, some of which I invested in development, in advertising campaigns, in equipment, etc.
Therefore, the entire process is debugged and built from scratch. At first, I was the manager myself (as a manager), at the same time in the office of 2 managers, and the business switched to automation.
How many hours a week does business management require and what exactly does this job consist of?
At the moment I'm in Vietnam and manage remotely. Applications from the site and feedback forms are sent to me by mail, as well as to the manager. You can always check mail, correspondence, listen to records of conversations, see the cameras. I call up the office once every two days. It takes about 1 hour of work in the morning (to phone with managers, employees, to set goals / objectives) and 1 hour of work in the evening (to do the same, only to ask about the results).
Are there full-time employees in the business? How many of them and what exactly do they do?
Managing manager, assistant manager, layout designer, 2 web developers, web development assistant
What operations are outsourced and what are the costs for this? How many freelance professionals are involved and are they ready to continue working with the new owner?
All employees are ready to continue working with anyone, provided they retain motivation, loyal communication. All work for money, united by a common idea in the development of the studio. There are no relatives and friends in business.Writing articles is outsourced, as well as some work on layout and programming, which we do not have time to do (contacts of freelancers are transferred).Advertising campaigns and seo are set up by the manager and me. After the sale of the business can be given to a remote employee for some time to maintain a stable work.I will help in hiring a new specialist in contextual advertising and seo (you can go to an autosource or a staff - the vacancies are ready and they have feedback).
What skills will a new owner need to effectively manage the business?
If a person is not from the IT sphere, then the desire in accelerated mode (for 2 weeks) to pass my express course on management in the web studio. Everyone else is the same, but basic knowledge in the field of websites is desirable.
Are there any geographical limitations inherent in business? From which countries / cities can you do business? From what city do you conduct business?
The office is located in Vladimir, but applications come from customers from all over the world. That's why a separate English version of the site is made. That's why a separate English version of the site is made.
How to develop a business after purchase? What should I do first and what should I look for?
Develop franchise directions. The experience of the dealership program has already shown a successful result. Find another web developer and put him behind the development (completion) of a full-fledged own CMS, which is also planned and on which several projects have already been made.
Are you ready to advise the buyer and train his staff for the first time after the sale? How else can you help?
Within 2 months I can support both the performer (execute orders for setting up contextual advertising, seo), I can monitor developers, managers, while training a new owner in parallel.
Tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of the business. What risks and benefits do you know?
Strengths are, undoubtedly, the types of payments that we have (reception of any bank cards, including credit and payment systems), registration of installments for services, development of individual projects, starting with prototypes and technical assignments, and not with design that allows you to maintain friendly relations with the client.Also from the strengths of the opportunity to implement their own projects, under its own trademark, which is already registered.A strong managing manager and an experienced programmer are in Vladimir, respectively, receiving an AP at a lower level than in Moscow.Weaknesses - constant monitoring of competitors and the entire web market, the search for new shares, special offers, the change of some services in the event of the appearance of similar competitors.
Who are your competitors? What are your advantages over them? Evaluate the main business indicators in comparison with competitors.
Web studio until recently was my only source of income, so here you can be sure that the business is profitable.
What kind of feedback do business customers usually leave?
Customers leave positive feedback.
Other information that a prospective buyer must know to make an informed decision on the acquisition of a business
Web studio until recently was my only source of income, so here you can be sure that the business is profitable.
Traffic and marketing
What marketing channels did you use to develop your business? What was the most effective advertising?
The most effective is Yandex.Direct, and there are customized advertising campaigns in the VC, in Adwords, Facebook.
Do you keep track of the cost of attracting customers and conversion for various advertising channels? Indicate the main indicators.
If you take the time period from 01/01/2017 to 30/01/2018, then on average 22 target calls a month (do not take into account erroneous-abandoned applications or immediately fallen off), it is specifically about targeted appeals, which have a clear idea about the fact that they want to order.
The total number of hits - 295. Monthly advertising costs on average 280 USD
List all sources of income available to the business and indicate the share of each of them in the total amount
Package offers Website + Promotion (35%), Individual projects (35%), Annual support (15%), contextual advertising (15%)
List the main items of business expenses, including payment for staff and freelancers, purchase of goods, software development and support, marketing, server rental, office rent, etc., and indicate the average monthly expenses for each of them.
3 830 USD per month.
Accounts payable
LLC "Construction Company" "Country House" "- 1 305 USD. The decision of the court of January 11, 2017. In 2015, "Probusinessbank", where we had an account, revoked the license, the account was in the region of 2 188 USD. We periodically receive payments from them.
Receivables. Including overdue accounts receivable.
Current agreements on the development of sites. The activity is not interrupted, but everything is delivered before the deadline specified in the contract. The originals of the acts are sent by post to Russia.
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