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Service with a priced subscribtion to the information about industrial and building tenders


Description of the business

The main function of the service is to provide information about building and industrial objects and the contact information of those resposible for perchase.
For the convenience of users, an online CRM-system for managing data about objects has been introduced. In the work involved 14 people (all - freelancers in the remote mode). The main business processes are preparation of content by special algorithm and sales of incoming requests from the site. The project is autonomous and is managed by an external manager under a contract. Subscription sales have been going on since January 2015, in 2015 the turnover was 6 million rubles, in 2016 - 10 million rubles. At the moment, business is growing by 15-20% per month. The average check is about 45,000 rubles. 99% of payments are accepted by bank transfer from clients - entities. Sales at the moment are carried out in the Russian Federation, Korea and the Czech Republic, the next 10 countries are waiting to be launched, for which a separate English version of the site is provided.
The year of foundation
Owner involvement
5 hours a week
Reason of sale

The founder needs to invest in another project




Site technical specifications


Non-cash transfer in rubles or
cash payment in Moscow. One-time payment
Sale of share
General information
What is being sold and who is the seller?
The domain, issued for a private person and business assets, is being sold, requiring a new owner to be reissued. The seller is an individual, it is also a domain name administrator
What assets will be transferred with the business?
Domains, the engine of the site, the accumulated customer base, the distribution base (it is larger than the customer base), the scheme of work, the algorithms for selling and increasing the customer base
Term of existence, brief history, main stages of business development
The project exists since 2014, sales began in 2015
What IT technologies and programming languages are used in business? Which CMS does the site work on?
The site works on a self-written CMS, on php
What reason of sale?
The need for financial resources
Do you have another business in the same niche? Are you ready to sign a standard obligation not to engage in similar activities within 2 years after the sale?
There is no other business in the same niche (industrial B2B marketing). I'm ready to sign the commitment
Have you ever faced with claims or lawsuits from regulatory authorities or third parties regarding the business or content of the site? Have you encountered accusations of copyright infringement or other legislation? If so, what exactly were the claims and how was the situation resolved?
How much money and time did you invest in creating the business?
Approximately 8 million rubles, 4 years of development
How many hours a week does business management require and what exactly does this job consist of?
With manned staff, the time for management is about 3 hours per week. If you work without key freelancers (the director as the main manager, at the moment it's an external manager), about 20 hours a week
Are there full-time employees in the business? How many of them and what exactly do they do?
There are no full-time employees, there are freelancers and an external manager
What operations are outsourced and what are the costs for this? How many freelance professionals are involved and are they ready to continue working with the new owner?
Collection of content by a special algorithm, administration of content, administration of other sections of the site. Totally involved 14 people
What skills will a new owner need to effectively manage the business?
The skill of working with a team of external freelancers, managing people, solving management problems, the ability to work on the Internet
Are there any geographical limitations inherent in business? From which countries / cities can you do business? From what city do you conduct business?
No. Currently, business is conducted from Moscow (often from other places on the road). Geographic clients from different cities and regions of the Russian Federation, there are customers from the CIS, as well as several from a far abroad (Korea, Czech Republic). Preparation of variants of a site for an audience from other countries (in addition about 10 languages)
How to develop a business after purchase? What should I do first and what should I look for?
There are two clear lines of development, suggesting an increase in yield by 3-4 times in the next 24 months
Are you ready to advise the buyer and train his staff for the first time after the sale? How else can you help?
Yes, as a hired specialist or for a share in the project
Tell us about the strengths and weaknesses of the business. What risks and benefits do you know?
Strengths - a high average check, relatively unoccupied niche, development of service (traversed the search path of the sales algorithm). Weaknesses - restriction of clientele due to high average check, the need to look for a more massive product for the same market. This process has been going on for a long time and now it is at the final stage
Who are your competitors? What are your advantages over them? Evaluate the main business indicators in comparison with competitors.
Indirect competitor, on the scale of activity and market of which we are oriented - http://www.action-mcfr.ru/ Foreign analogues: USA- http://www.constructionwire.com/ Europe - http://www.industrialinfo.com /
What kind of feedback do business customers usually leave?
Reviews, mostly positive. Hosted on the main page of the site
Other information that a prospective buyer must know to make an informed decision on the acquisition of a business
There is no such information
Traffic and marketing
What marketing channels did you use to develop your business? What was the most effective advertising?
Email distribution / Yandex direct / GoogleAdwords
Do you keep track of the cost of attracting customers and conversion for various advertising channels? Indicate the main indicators.
The account of expenses and incomes is conducted 24 months
List all sources of income available to the business and indicate the share of each of them in the total amount
The sale of the subscription is the main one. 98% Creation of landings + promotion (built-in editor) - 2% One more product is being developed
List the main items of business expenses, including payment for staff and freelancers, purchase of goods, software development and support, marketing, server rental, office rent, etc., and indicate the average monthly expenses for each of them.
Monthly costs, rubles: Yandex 60,000; Google 55,000; Freelancers 310 000; Hosting 20 000; The distribution program is 12,000; Telephony 5,000; Manager - 80 000; Total - 542 thousand rubles.
Accounts payable
No. however, it will be necessary to fulfill obligations to customers who paid for the subscription period (up to 12 months).
Receivables. Including overdue accounts receivable.
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