Service for earnings on the Internet. Catalog of advertising tasks.

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Description of the business

A popular service for earnings on the Internet is being sold with a catalog of advertising tasks for performers. At the site, customers leave applications for promotion in social networks - put on the likes, join the group, make a repost, etc., and performers perform orders for a small fee.Monetization of the project occurs at the expense of the exchange commission from each order.
Online service exists for more than 4 years. Throughout the whole period of service, the service is constantly being updated and offers users new functions, thanks to which the company's turnover grows annually. The site is visited by about 3 million active users per month.
«usiness is automated - project management takes 1-3 hours a day. Geographical restrictions are absent - you can conduct business from any region with access to the Internet.
Owner involvement
1-3 hours a day
Reason of sale
I want to do other projects

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Site technical specifications
Sale of share

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The year of foundation
General information
What is being sold and who is the seller?
The domain, issued for a private person and business assets, is being sold, requiring a new owner to be reissued. The seller is a private person, it is also a domain name administrator
What assets will be transferred with the business?
Domain names, site scripts (in PHP and JS), source code of the program, site database
How does the business work and for what customers pay?
The site is an intermediary service between customers and executors. Customers order services for social promotion, or any other actions (likes, reposts, joining groups, etc.), and performers perform all these actions for a small fee. Service charges its commission for mediation in this process
Term of existence, brief history, main stages of business development
In its current form and with the current domain, the project was opened in 2014, since then the turnover has been growing every year. Each year, new functions and updates were introduced to enhance competitive advantage over competitors. The service has unique functions, a system for stimulating performers to work.
What IT technologies and programming languages are used in business? Which CMS does the site work on?
A self-written engine in PHP + MySQL + JS + Smarty, a web server on Nginx + PHP-FPM. It uses several third-party libraries in PHP.
How much money and time did you invest in creating a business?
$8 for the domain and $73 for the first server, everything else is just my time as a programmer and administrator for 4 years, the referral and partner system allows the project to grow without independent advertising campaigns
Are there full-time employees in the business? How many of them and what exactly do they do?
0 employees, I replace all (programmer, administrator)
What operations are outsourced and what are the costs for this? How many freelance professionals are involved and are they ready to continue working with the new owner?
On the site there are users of volunteers with the status of "Assistant" (7 people), they are engaged in basic functions of moderation of the project for free.
Are there any geographical limitations inherent in business? From which countries / cities can you do business? From what city do you conduct business?
No geographical restrictions for the owner, I conduct business from a small regional town.
How to develop a business after purchase? What should I do first and what should I look for?
First of all, further automation of advertising campaigns for customers, and expansion of the scope of the system (new types of assignments, new social networks). It is possible to translate the site into English, or the languages of the CIS countries
Describe the strengths and weaknesses of business
First of all, further automation of advertising campaigns for customers, and expansion of the scope of the system (new types of assignments, new social networks). Possible translation of the SaaSilnye: offers the largest set of functions among similar projects for both customers and executors, low costs of technical support, properly configured and delivered work requires only administration (on the site itself), great growth prospects both in the breadth of the range of services and in the number clients (now only CIS in Russian). Weak: if it stops in the development of the project and its further development, then it is possible to quickly lose positions (for 1-2 years), perhaps the owner should be an expert or have an employee whom he fully trusts, because practically all control over the project is concentrated in the hands of such a specialist. to English, or the languages of the CIS countries
Does the business have risks in the form of forthcoming changes in legislation, increased competition, increased costs?
I can not even imagine the last innovation of the "online cash register", I already applied, it works fine, the annual expenses went out small.
Does seasonality affect business revenue? How?
Virtually does not affect, in the seasons of holidays a slight decline, during this period I launch activity contests for users.
Who are your competitors? What are your advantages over them? Evaluate the main business indicators in comparison with competitors.
Other exchanges of assignments and visits, competitors by volume in the Russian Federation are only a few (about 5 pcs.). The main thing is the annual updates of the project, which competitors either do not do, or do in a very limited number, customers go where their ideas and needs are realized.
Does the business have registered trademarks, licenses or patents?
What kind of feedback do business customers usually leave? Give an example or provide a link to a review.
I think the best tip is an increase in turnover, for 2018 about 2 times. The reviews are not welcome, because they want to remain confidential.
Vendor Information
The reason for the sale?
Personal reasons, I want to step aside from this area, relax and do other projects for which there is not enough time.
Do you have another business in this same niche? Are you ready to sign a standard obligation not to engage in similar activities within 2 years after the sale?
This is my only project in this niche, I can sign an agreement
Have you ever faced with claims or lawsuits from regulatory authorities or third parties regarding the business or content of the site? Have you encountered accusations of copyright infringement or other legislation? If so, what exactly were the claims and how was the situation resolved?
Such claims did not arise.
How many hours a week does business management require and what exactly does this job consist of? Describe your usual working day as the owner of this business.
In addition to being an owner, I am also an administrator and a programmer, I'll describe the working day based on this: 1-3 hours a day for administration (user letters, check payments, check suspicious accounts, moderate advertising campaigns), if there are current programming tasks then I do it from case to case, so 1-2 hours a day. Once a month, some accounting records in the online accounting service. In total: 10-35 hours per week.
Are you ready to advise the buyer and train his staff for the first time after the sale? In what mode and under what conditions? How else can you help?
I can actively consult on the first 1-3 weeks of work (in the technical and administrative sense), give recommendations in which direction to develop (a specific list).
What skills will a new owner need to effectively manage the business?
Monitor the mood of customers, consider their ideas for implementation. Have an IT specialty to understand what, how, where, why.
Traffic and marketing
What marketing channels did you use to develop your business? What was the most effective advertising?
Descending efficiency: Affiliate and referral program (works constantly and always). Contests of activity on the project itself (fully implemented). Any bonuses from the system, discounts, promotions (used partially). Advertising in the services of competitors (during the introduction of new interesting features).
Do you keep track of the cost of attracting customers and conversion for various advertising channels? Indicate the main indicators.
Such statistics do not lead above indicated the effectiveness of the sensations. I estimated the number of new registrations / activity after application.
List all sources of income available to the business and indicate the share of each of them in the total amount
Receipts from customers: 100%.
What documents can you confirm income?
Declaration for 2017. Statistics for the last quarter (checks online checkout).
List the main items of business expenses, including payment for staff and freelancers, purchase of goods, software development and support, marketing, server rental, office rent, etc., and indicate the average monthly expenses for each of them.
1 246 USD per month.
Accounts payable
On the balances of users of performers: 28 653 USD, As of 01.09.2018, without maturity, at the request of the user. In the day, users request from 733 to 1 026 USD. payments on average
Receivables. Including overdue accounts receivable.
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