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Description of the franchese

Franchise of the company "Flowerr", an online-service which provide flowers delivery with mobile apps for iOS и Android. Service allows to order flowers in the whole territory of Russia directly from the local shops therefore the delivery is fast and high-quality.
Flowerr mobile apps ranked 1st place in the Apple Store and the Google Play stores on request "order flowers with delivery" - users downloaded applications Flowerr more than 55 thousand times. The apps are provided with the ability to tie a bank card for payment and tracking the status of the order online and does not require mandatory registration, so that is why the number of active users is constantly growing. The volume of flower sales through Flowerr increases by at least 50% per year.
Franchisee offers the opportunity to become an exclusive representative of the company in the selected region and to connect to the service new flower shops. Monetization for the buyer of the franchise occurs at the expense of deduction of percent from each issued order for delivery of flowers. The franchisee immediately acquires the right to receive income from already operating local partners from the first day.
In addition, the franchisee is guaranteed training and constant support provided by franchisor, including marketing support, the provision of promotional materials, instructions, a contact center. Promotion of mobile apps in the region is carried out by the franchisor independently.
A franchise contract can be concluded remotely, so it is not necessary to come to the central office of the franchisor.



Franchese characteristics
General information about franchese
History of the company
"Flowerr" has been successfully operating since March 2015. Today the service is available in 258 cities of Russia and continues to expand geography. The volume of flower sales through Flowerr grows at least 50% per year. For 3 years of work we delivered more than 10 thousand bouquets to 4,500 customers totalling 36 million rubles.
What franchisee supposted to do and how he will earn money?
1. Connect new flower shops in the selected region and receive a commission as a percentage of orders through Flowerr apps.Simultaneously with the conclusion of the franchise agreement, we will transfer the existing flower shops in the region to the new partner. This means that from the first day you will begin to receive a commission from their current orders and return the money invested in the franchise.
2. Promote the brand Flowerr in the region.To promote the brand of Flowerr, we propose to use both our experience in classic "offline" channels and advertising on the Internet.
3. Monitor the quality of products and the quality of service partners
Support and training
- Distance learning for 2 days;
- Detailed instructions;
- Quality standards, interaction with partners, requirements for the design of the showcase;
- Regional clients are redirected to the franchisee;
- Marketing support;
- Unified subscriber support - processing of customer requests through the support chat and a support service
Requirements for franchisee
- Registered entity;
- Experience of entrepreneurial activity;
- Availability of working capital;
- Desire to develop business.
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